Daily Suggestions

  • When you wake up,  express your appreciation for another day to practice.  You may say, " I will not waste this day.  May the Buddha be with us all.  Thank you very much."  
  • When you eat a breakfast, show your appreciation.  You will do this for lunch and dinner as well.
  • When you take shower, you may meditate or send your love to others
  • When you leave the house, say "Good bye; have a nice day" to your family members or to people of the Buddha in your mind.
  • During the lunch break, you may think about the teachings of the Buddha or take time to meditate.
  • When you are home, be aware that you have arrived by stating "I am home!" to yourself or family.
  • Before you sleep, express your appreciation for the day. 
  • Perform a ritual daily if you can. If that is too much for your schedule try to attend a ritual or perform a home ritual at least once a week.