The Four Noble Truths

1. The truth of suffering 

We all experience many forms of suffering in our life, from loss and pain, from losing cherished items, everything in life has the potential to lead to suffering

2. the truth of the origin of suffering.

This suffering originates with attachment and desire. While it is not bad to desire a good life for oneself, but when your happiness depends on something external it will eventually be lost and your craving for what is lost will cause suffering. The root of suffering is often referred to as ego-centric desire or "selfish" desires

3. The truth of the cessation of suffering.

Suffering is not an absolute in life, it is all mental. Your Ego tells you that something is unpleasant so you allow your experience to be unpleasant. Knowing this we can see that suffering is not a necessary part of life and that there is an end to it.

4. The truth of the path that leads to the cessation of suffering.

The Eightfold path is the path that the Buddha taught his students to follow in order to end the unnecessary suffering in life. The Eightfold path is a guide to give up and end ego-centric desires that reside within oneself.