Welcome To The Shingyo Temple of Michigan

 Welcome to the Shingyo Temple of Michigan. We are part of a worldwide network of temples practicing Pre-sectarian Buddhism. Pre-sectarian Buddhism is the way practiced by the Buddha himself.  This is the original teachings and practices of the Buddha.  In other words, this is the origin of any school (branch) of Buddhism. Sometimes this has been called the earliest Buddhism, the original Buddhism, and Buddhism of the Buddha himself. 


 "Pre-sectarian" refers to the Buddhism in the period between the first discourse of Gautama Buddha until the first enduring split in the Sangha, which occurred between the second (4th century BCE) and third Buddhist council (~250 BCE). Pre-sectarian Buddhism is the Buddhism presupposed by the early Buddhist schools as existing about one hundred years after the death of the Buddha. There was a rough body of sacred literature that a relatively early community maintained and transmitted which contains the Buddhas original teachings. Pre-sectarian Buddhism was formulated by the Buddha and his immediate followers after his death. 


 Our temple rejects "spiritual materialism" and dogma and welcome people of all backgrounds to learn the teachings of the Buddha and put them into practice in their daily lives. We are accepting of people of all races, gender, faiths, Sexual orientation, disabilities or any other label that may be used to identify oneself. We are all human so we accept and love all humans.


May we all awaken to our inner Buddhas,


Rev. Brown